Thursday, 5 October 2017

Evenflo Single Electric Breast Pump

 Breast pump 


Have you been looking for a way to increase your organges without success?.worry no more , as this device is designed to circulate more blood flow to the breast to expand the breast sponge.

The good news about this Breast Enlargement Pump is the newly improved suction that helps balance uneven breast and create stimulation and massages the breast to enhance sensitivity .

The twin cups are light and very durable with a removable rubber ring on each cup for tight seal, comfort, and easy cleaning.

Key features:
New design with increased suction power.
Increases breast size.

The breast pump 2 cup creates stimulation and massages the breasts to enhance sensitivity.

Helps balance out uneven breast with the suction power of the air pump.
The breast pump has twin flanged c

 Breast milk machine 


Breast pump for expression of breast milk, helps working mothers breast feed their babies even while they are not at home. you can also use a breast pump to stimulate your milk production and increase supply for your baby, it helps you collect milk to feed a premature baby or a baby who can't latch on to your breast. to relieve the pain and pressure of engorged breasts.

A simple way to support breast feeding for your baby, the Evenflo Single Electric Breast Pump is lightweight, portable and convenient — a sleek design that feels good to mom and allows for discreet pumping. 

Evenflo Single Electric Breast Pump


The Evenflo Single Electric Breast Pump Includes:
1 breast pump unit
2-pack breast pads
1 pump stand
One 5 oz collection bottle

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